What do I write?

A few years ago I completed a Master of Arts in Creative Writing at Tabor in Adelaide. During that time I discovered I have genre-butterfly tendencies (or genre-rebel, depending on my mood) and my imaginary places have at times been as diverse as Middle-Earth is from down-town Sydney.

I especially love mystery, suspense and adventure with a touch of romance thrown in. The latter is the genre of my first YA novel. This novel won the Unpublished Manuscript section of the 2018 Caleb Prize and is still looking for a good publishing home.

As for animals…

My stories aren’t necessarily about about animals but they claw their way into the pages, demanding cameos, refusing to be evicted. I’ve become known (notorious) at my writing group for including animals in almost every story – even when I try not to!

Photo by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash. This cat looks like Kipling, a cat in my work-in-progress. Spoiler: Did you know that cats and time travel have some things in common?

Jacob – Acrylic on canvas

Animal art

I’m also an animal artist. A few years ago I told my husband that I could draw but I couldn’t paint. His response was to buy me a set of good quality acrylic paints for Christmas. It took me six months to join a local art group and start using them. I found to my surprise that I could paint – but mainly animals. Hmm. I sense a repeating theme here…

Nikita, the mischief maker. She looks so sweet and innocent but don’t let that fool you :).

Random things

Speaking of animals, my husband and I currently own a cranky cockatiel who whistles the Adelaide Crows Football Club theme song, out of tune. We also have a fat tortoiseshell cat (who charms us with her chocolate liqueur purr) and a very-cute-but-infinitely-naughty, cat-wrestling, stone-crunching, sofa-chewing, irrepressible Shi-Chi (Shih Tzu x Chihuahua) who does her best to make the cat’s life difficult and distract me from doing any creative work.

On a very different (but also random) note, I was born in Scotland so I’m genetically programmed to enjoy bagpipes, Irn-Bru, oatcakes, a wee dram of single malt scotch whisky and men in kilts (note to self: buy my husband a kilt!) however I’m not so fond of haggis, tripe, deep-fried Mars Bars or freezing cold winters. I do love the beauty of the landscape and the warm hearts of the people of my homeland. And highland cows. I love highland cows.

Highland cow image by Michael Drummond from Pixabay