Animal Art

Susan’s portrait of Pepper Masalah came on the day my new cat died. Not only was the painting a beautiful reminder of my previous companion, it became a healing comfort in my new grief.”

Dr. Rosanne Hawke, Kapunda, South Australia.

I love how an animal’s eyes tell their story…

Especially when that story is about their love for their favourite human.

But is it really love?

Yes! Studies have shown that when a dog sees his owner, chemicals are released in his brain that are identical to the chemicals humans produce when they are in love. So that look of adoration on your dog’s face is not just him saying, ‘I want more biscuits please’. He’s saying, ‘I love you.’

Having worked for many years as a veterinarian, I’m certain that this applies to other species too. The human-animal bond is strong.

It’s that look, that sense of bond, that I try to capture when I paint pet portraits (assuming the photo I work from allows it). If that’s something you’d like to explore and you’d like a portrait of your favourite pup or an unique animal-focused gift for family and friends, I’m here to help.

I only use high quality canvasses and professional quality acrylic paints. The main requirement is that I need to work from a good quality image. A detailed, original photo of your pet in good lighting is essential if I’m going to capture their true likeness.

Fees start at $350 AUD for a 40x50cm portrait of the head and shoulders of your pet. If you’d like a bigger painting, the whole animal in the painting or maybe more than one animal to be pictured, I can do that for an extra fee. If you’d love to have a pet portrait painted, click the button below to say hello and we can talk about the kind of painting you’d like.


“After our Jessica-Jane passed away Leon and I were devastated. I commissioned Susan to create a portrait of our fur baby so her memory would live on. Jessica-Jane had an adorable personality and was so beautiful from her happily wagging tail to her cute wee pink nose. Susan captured all Jessica-Jane’s features and characteristics perfectly. The colour match is brilliant, even that little pink nose. Thank you, Susan. We will always be grateful.” 

Josephine Anne Griffiths, Sydney, Australia.


Nessie is named after the Loch Ness Monster, and like her namesake, she’s a fiesty little girl. She loves a cuddle and a belly scratch and each night she sits and watches television with her humans. But beware. This little darling becomes a seething mass of teeth if you dare go near her girl human’s toes.


Nicky captured the hearts of his whole family. When he passed away, his family held a funeral for him in their back yard. As they did this, an eagle landed beside them, stayed as if to pay his respects, then flew away when they were finished.


Tilly likes nothing better than playing with her girl human’s knitting. That and climbing the curtains, attacking the dog’s tail and purring loudly when she’s eating her dinner.


Jacob had to live away from his humans for a while when they moved into a caravan, but this painting went everywhere with them until they could bring him home.


Jackson had a very  long and happy life and was very much loved by his humans. He was fifteen when this painting was commissioned.


This ia a painting of Foxtrot, one of the Cheetahs at Australia Zoo, from a photo I took a few years ago. According to Australia Zoo’s website, Foxtrot, or Foxy for short, loves to be taken for walks around the zoo and he especially loves to stare at elephants! I think elephants are beautiful too, Foxy.

Nikita wishes she could run as fast as Foxtrot, but her legs are too short.

If you’d like to commission a portrait of your pet click on the button below.