I love how an animal’s eyes tell their story.

Dogs are especially good at this. Did you know that when a dog sees its owner, chemicals are released in his brain that are identical to the chemicals humans produce when they are in love? So that look of love your dog’s face is not just her saying, ‘I want more biscuits please’. It’s saying, ‘I love you.’

It’s that look that I try to capture when I paint pet portraits (assuming the photo I work from allows it). If that’s something you’d like to explore and you’d like a portrait of your favourite dog, cat, bird or an unique animal-focused gift for family and friends, I’m here to help.

I can also paint wild animals on commission but it has to be from your original photo or you need to have the appropriate stock photo licence so I don’t break any photographer’s copyright!

I always use professional quality paints and canvasses. Prices start from $330 (Australian Dollars) plus postage, for an acrylic-on-canvas animal portrait 50cm x 40cm of the head and shoulders of a single animal – but I can do all kinds of sizes and can include more than one animal per canvas, as well as adding in other elements as in the image above. Contact me for more details!