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I love helping other authors polish their manuscripts. We’re here to help each other, right? Thats why I offer manuscript assessment, coaching and and copyediting services for fiction and nonfiction authors. 

Manuscript Assessment

What is a Manuscript Assessment and why is it a great idea?

A Manuscript Assessment is a review of the structure, content and style of your manuscript. 

When I do a Manuscript Assessment I look at the following important elements of your work:

  • character
  • plot
  • style
  • pace
  • scene structure
  • point of view
  • dialogue
  • interior monologue
  • use of language
  • themes
  • target audience
  • overall consistency of the work

Every author finds it hard to step back and look objectively at the words they’ve written. How useful is it then to have a trained pair of eyes read your manuscript, think about it deeply and make suggestions about how your book can be made to shine?

The best time to do a manuscript assessment is after you’ve finished revising the first draft. The manuscript’s strengths can be identified and any issues can be highlighted before you send the manuscript for copyediting. This can save you a lot of time and money.

I offer Manuscript Assessments rather than structural editing because they are quicker and cheaper than a full structural edit yet still give you a wealth of information which can help you revise your book.

What happens when I ask for a Manuscript Assessment?

It’s a simple process. You contact me and I quote you depending on the length of your work. Then, if you are happy, we book a time slot for your manuscript in my schedule.  You send me your work, I read and analyse it, then I send you a detailed written report highlighting what’s working well in your book and what needs work. This report becomes your guide to fine-tuning your book.

I don’t markup your manuscript, or make changes to your work. That comes later with copyediting or proofreading. Rather I give you advice on how to fix the things that stop your manuscript from being as awesome as it can be.

How much does a Manuscript Assessment cost?

I charge a flat fee for most Manuscript Assessments.

  • For all manuscripts up to 30 000 words: $350 AUD
  • For all manuscripts between 30 000 and 60 000 words: $500 AUD
  • For all manuscripts between 60 000 and 80 000 words: $700 AUD.
  • I can give you a quote for a longer manuscript too. Just drop me a note via my contact form.

If this is still too much for you to pay, I can do an assessment of the first 5000 words of your manuscript. I charge $180 for this service, including a 90 minute phone or skype call instead of a written report. This might be all you need to get started on the road to successfully self-editing your book!

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Whereas a Manuscript Assessment looks at your book in overview, copyediting looks at the details of your writing on a sentence-by-sentence basis. 

Publishing is a competitive world and whether you want to catch an agent’s eye, or desire to make your mark on the indie world, it’s essential that your book be as polished as possible.  As an author myself, I know the importance of giving our work the best chance of success in a crowded market.

  • Your book is nearly ready but you know some of your paragraphs and sentences need polishing and your spelling might need fixed up.
  • Maybe there are some ideas or words you’ve repeated, or you sometimes jump from one point-of-view to another.
  • Or you’ve written historical fiction and you are not sure if all the words are accurate for that time.

I can help fix those things so that you can get your book ready for market.

How does copyediting work and what does it cost?

I charge for copyediting on an hourly basis, offering the level of editing your manuscript needs.

Copyediting has three main levels:

  • Light copyediting which focuses on punctuation, grammar and spelling.
  • Heavy copyediting which may include rewriting of some sentences and paragraphs to make the meaning of the writing clearer.
  • Medium copyediting  is the most common type and sits somewhere between the light and heavy options. This type of copyediting may also involve deleting words and sentences to reduce word count. For example, you might want your book to meet specific genre expectations or you may want to enter your work in a competition with a word-count limit.

You send me approximately 4000 words of your manuscript – sections from near the beginning, middle and end of the book. I read your work, get an idea of the type of editing needed, then draw up a quote.

I’m happy do a FREE SAMPLE EDIT on the first 1000 words of your book. This not only helps me work out how long it will take to edit the manuscript, it will help you know if I’m the editor for you. It’s important that you like my style of editing and feel I’m a good fit for your book.

Once this sample edit is finished, I prepare a detailed quote for your manuscript. You can then decide if you want to work with me (I hope you do).

What do I do now?

If you’d like me to help you with either a Manuscript Assessment or a free sample edit you can contact me via this contact form.

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Please note that I don’t edit horror, erotica or books with gratuitous sex and violence.


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