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Looking for a speaker for your school, group or event? I’m available for hire! I can talk about my books, writing in general, or take specific seminars on writing craft. Click ‘Connect’ and we can work out how to make this happen.

Freelance Writing and Editing

Copywriting / Content Writing

You want your copy to be effective and compelling. Why hire me?

I currently work with an agency as a professional copy/ content writer. I back this up with a Master of Arts in Creative Writing and real-world experience as an author, ghostwriter and editor.

Whether you need a feature or blog article, your web copy refreshed, or to put some pizzaz back into your social media platform, I can help!

Connect with me to chat about your project and get a free quote!

White dog wearing a hat and glasses sitting at a typewriter

Writing/ Editing in Plain English

I love making copy easy to read. If you have a business and you would like your documents or web copy to be edited or rewritten in Plain English, I can help there too.

Technobabble and officialeseyour days are numbered!

Other Editing Services

I offer other editing services such as copyediting and proofreading, as time allows. Connect with me to check my availability and get a free quote.

Large black and tortishell cat sprawled out on a glass outdoor table next to a laptop computer

Amber: literary cat, office assistant and resident ‘mews’.

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