Coming Soon: My contemporary YA novel, Running Scared.

What if you're scared your best friend is hiding a dark secret?

My name is Melinda and it’s been the worst year ever:

  • We had to leave our family farm
  • Mum is in hospital
  • Dad is losing it
  • And my freak-out-and-run arachnophobia is getting worse

The one good thing in my world is my next-door neighbour, Rory. Maybe he sees things differently from me because he’s had to use a wheelchair for the past eight years, but Rory always has the right words, and he makes me laugh.

Problem is, Dad doesn’t want me anywhere near Rory...


Hi! I’m Susan J Bruce.

I’m a former veterinarian turned author/artist and I write stories of mystery and suspense—with heart.

What do I mean by heart?

Hint: It’s not just romance.

If you enjoy books with romantic themes, you’ll certainly find these here. Most of my stories have have romantic elements or sub-plots. But heart also means the courage to carry on. I love putting my characters in situations where they must battle to overcome against the odds. This is certainly the case in my YA novel, Running Scared, plus my short story, Walking Boots.

So, what will you find here? (Other than great books for all ages!!!)

  • A blog for both readers and writers. 
  • Animal art and photos. All great websites have animal photos don’t they??? I’m a self-confessed animal addict. Animals invade my stories all the time too.
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Why not grab a cuppa and have a look around? I’d love to stay in touch so click the icons below if you’d like to follow me on social media, and say, ‘Hi!’

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