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Hi! I’m Susan J Bruce.

My debut young adult novel Running Scared is HERE!

What if the boy you love is hiding a dark secret?

My name is Melinda and this has been the worst year ever …

* We had to leave our family farm
* Mum is in hospital
* Dad is losing it
* And my freak-out-and-run arachnophobia is getting worse.

The one good thing in my world is Rory. Maybe he sees things differently because he’s been in a wheelchair for the past eight years, but Rory always knows how to make me laugh.

Problem is, Dad doesn’t want me anywhere near him. He doesn’t trust Rory or his family, especially as Rory’s brother is wanted by the police.

And now even I’m scared about what Rory might be hiding …

Running Scared won the 2018 Caleb Prize for an unpublished manuscript.

I’m a former veterinarian turned author/artist and I write stories of mystery and suspense—with heart.

‘Heart’ doesn’t just mean romance. If you enjoy books with romantic themes, you’ll certainly find these here. Most of my stories have romantic elements or sub-plots. But heart also means the courage to carry on.

If you love stories where characters battle to overcome against the odds, you’ll like my books. You’ll find themes like this in Running Scared, and also in my short story, Walking Bootseven though that story is more adventure than suspense.

You’ll also find lots of animals …

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