Introducing Dead Ahead: Book One of the Ruthless-the-Killer Mysteries.

An offbeat Aussie mystery with a dash of rom-com!

Warning: Dead Ahead is a feel-good mystery with heart. It has scenes that could make you snort your coffee.

Ruth is desperate for a fresh start, but a body in her shed, an inconvenient romantic attraction, and a secret childhood reputation as a ‘harbinger of death’ get in the way.

As they do…

Murder and mayhem mingle with matters of the heart as Ruth soon discovers the town holds buried secrets and scandals—some of which may even involve her own late father.

But when a close friend goes missing, and the police fear the worst, all Ruth can think about is unravelling the mystery and finding her friend.

Can Ruth solve the crime in time to save her friend? Will she succeed or will bad luck be the death of her?

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Peck Pocket

Cozy Mystery

A weekend in Paris for best friends Ruth and Shona usually means browsing Bohemian markets and sampling mouthwatering petit fours. Ruth doesn't expect to be flirting with a mysterious French busker—is he singing just for her?—or to meet a young French girl, desperate to find her maman's stolen locket. Neither does she imagine tracking a pickpocketing parrot through shadowed Parisian lanes—where danger could lurk around the next dark corner.

Peck Pocket is a fun short read set 5 years before Dead Ahead.


Running Scared

YA Coming-of-Age/ Romantic Thriller

My name is Melinda and it’s been the worst year ever.

Rory is the one good thing in my world, but Dad doesn’t want me anywhere near him. He doesn’t trust Rory or his family. Rory’s brother is wanted by the police—and now even I’m scared about what Rory might be hiding ...


Hi, I’m Susan J Bruce.

I’m a former veterinarian turned author and I write mystery and suspense stories with heart—and often humour.

Heart doesn’t just mean romance. If you enjoy books with romantic themes, you’ll certainly find these here. Most of my stories have strong romantic elements or sub-plots. But heart also means the courage to carry on.

If you love stories where characters discover courage they didn’t know they had, you’ll like my books. If you like a laugh along the way, you’ll find my new Ruthless-the-Killer cozy mystery series has suitably snort-worthy scenes. I’m having so much fun writing it.

You’ll also find animals in my books. Lots and LOTS of animals.

I blame my vet days.

My writing group once challenged me to write a short story that didn’t contain any animals. I failed…

Read more…

Meet Ruth and her best friend Shona in Peck Pocket, a standalone feel-good short mystery set in Paris.


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